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Great employees expect great retirement plans. You deserve a partner you can trust.

The HTLF Story

HTLF ("HTLF" NASDAQ) is made up of local and regional banks located throughout the Midwest and Western United States. Our unique financial services business model provides highly efficient administrative and operational support, while each individual bank maintains a high degree of independence. This empowerment to serve local communities and businesses results in strong partnerships. Our philosophy is best summarized by our mission statement:

"Enriching lives, one customer, employee and community at a time!"

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Partner with a team you can always depend on.

At Heartland Retirement Plan Services, decision-making is kept to a local level, and our team is unwaveringly committed to deeply understanding every intricacy of every customer’s financial relationship. Our unmatched dedication to customer service is strengthened by our parent company, HTLF, a multi-billion financial services company that matches our loyalty to the principles of community banking and has been named a Forbes Best Bank 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2013.


Trustee Services

With Elite, we act as a discretionary trustee and serve as an ERISA §3(38) investment fiduciary. We are responsible for selecting, monitoring, and deselecting core investments. This service greatly reduces your investment duties and liabilities.

With Select, you retain the investment duties while we serve as a directed trustee. You also select from more than 25,000 mutual funds, ETFs, CITs and external money managers.


Custom Plan Design

We work with you to design a retirement plan based on your needs and those of your employees. Our cross-testing expertise allows increased contributions from key employees. Our customized testing solutions often provide more favorable testing outcomes.



Our expert fund selection and diligent monitoring on more than 25,000 mutual funds, ETFs, and CITs as well as multiple suites of Target Retirement Funds. Your employees will feel safe when invested in a participant-level FDIC insurance option within your qualified plan through a DB&T FDIC-Insured Investment Account. A self-directed brokerage link is also available for certain retirement plans.


Targeted Employee Education

With an emphasis on adult education and learning strategies, your employees will be equipped with the knowledge to succeed and thrive financially. From future retirement income scenario estimates to a data-driven, educational approach to employee engagement, our commitment to "employee-first" strategies is a proven formula. Educational forums may include group and individual education meetings, virtual meetings, and custom engagement campaigns. Bilingual resources are also available.


Exceptional Service and Support

Our experienced team, led by a dedicated Relationship Manager, provides a wide array of administrative functions including distribution processing, Form 5500 preparations, year-end testing, and more. Either your Plan Advisor or one of our highly credentialed team members include an ERPA, JD, QPA, APA, AIF, QPFCs, and several QKAs, acts as a primary point of contact.

Our Team of Professionals

Our culture stems from one core principle to act as a financial fiduciary. Simply put, a fiduciary puts the needs of others first. 

We can assist you in designing your company's retirement plan to create the most benefits for you and your employees. We accomplish this outcome through the coordinated efforts of a team of experienced retirement plan experts, investment professionals, compliance and administrative specialists, and attorneys, all dedicated to designing and servicing the most effective plan possible. We are large enough to be privy to the latest regulatory and industry updates, yet we remain grounded enough as to not lose sight of what's most important – you. If you are ready for a partner you can trust, our team will answer the call. 

Our leadership at Heartland Retirement Plan Services is dedicated to preserving a staff of highly-qualified individuals and to maintaining our client-centric culture. Plan On It.

Eric Foy
Vice President, Business Development Manager

Ray Jambois
Vice President, Business Development Officer

Jason Miller
Vice President, Business Development Officer

Tom Zenoby
Vice President, Business Development Officer

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