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A proactive, innovative, and analytical education strategy will benefit your team.

Strategic Employee Education

  • When you conduct education meetings, does your provider offer materials, resources, and content? If so, does it serve your purpose or is it simply an advertising tool for the provider's purposes?
  • Is employee education program targeted to the plan sponsors specific goals and objectives?
  • Can employees receive education and planning opportunities 24 hours a day, 7 days per week?
  • Is the current education program directly connected to your record keeping system to ensure employees can enact change when motivated?
  • Do you receive resources and support that exhibits an understanding of adult learning strategies?
  • Does your provider use analytics to measure plan education effectiveness?

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Employees bring their life experience to the classroom when they participate in education meetings. Therefore, it is imperative an employee engagement plan be flexible and directed at specific plan objectives.

Our education strategies include:

  • A focus on individualized, personal attention for employees
  • Flexible arrangement with education roles and responsibilities
  • Innovative technology and virtual sessions
  • Relevant data and analysis
  • Considerations for adult education principles
  • A commitment to service
  • Bilingual resources available

A partnership with Heartland Retirement Plan Services is a commitment to education.